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Sociocultural (Pros &Cons)

Sociocultural (Pros &Cons)
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Socio-cultural Aspects

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The Pro's & Con's of Title IX

Sandra Ramirez

The benefits and disadvantages of Title IX are felt by both men and women.  In a discussion pertaining to Title IX occurred online with Jane Meyer at , the NCAA Director of Education on May 15, 2000.  In that discussion, the pros and cons of Title IX were outlined.

A question from an Iowa student outlines a con to the Title IX law.  "Why are we forcing schools to spend money on something that few people want?"  A benefit to Title IX is responded by the director.  Statistics show that participation of high school girls has increased over the years, and most of the time the opportunity needs to be available in order for these girls to participate.  A steady level of growth and participation has been seen in part to the number of opportunities that are present.

A disadvantage felt by many male athletes is the institutions they attend choose to drop the athletic program altogether.  Many male college wrestlers have been victims of the disappearing of wrestling programs at their institutions.  Although Meyer still supports the positive outcome of the overall opportunities have both increased for men and women.

Some other positive effects of title IX is the rise of girl’s athletic

participation at the high school level, it rose from 7.5% in 1971

to 39% in 1996.  Their has also been achievement in academics,

in 1994 women received 38% of medical degrees, compared to

9% in 1972.  The majority of the strides occurred after Title IX

was passed.    


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