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Affrimative Action & Title IX
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Affrimative Action & Title IX
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Title IX Affirmative Action Policy


It is the policy that a School or Corporation will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability in its programs or employment policies. Title IX (Educational Amendments), and Section 504 (Rehabilitation of Act 1973).  This link below is a sample of a Complaint of Discrimination Title IX Affirmative Action Form.

Effects of Affirmative Action

Title IX of the Civil Rights Act is affecting men's college sports programs.  Women's rights activists stand by their feelings about women's sports should get just as much money and attention as men's sports, and federal courts have interpreted the law to require it

What's the problem?

Men's sports attract more fans than women's sports and fewer women desire to participate than men. With lower levels of women participants, equality in sports can only be achieved by dropping men's programs. (This is the Affirmative Action!)  (Look up bullet pts.)

Some Universities have suffered from attempting to push equality in sports; one of them is California State University system.  Since then numerous campuses have experienced considerable cuts in men's sports. Some Universities have dropped men's baseball, soccer, swimming and volleyball. Others have been forced to cancel wrestling. Six campuses have had to abandon football, one of the main contributors to funding of other sports and attracting new students.