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Sociocultual Aspects (Professional Sporting Leagues)
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Types of Professional and College Sporting Leagues offered to Women.

Volley Ball


Men obviously have a larger percentage of sporting leagues offered to them, but Sports Illustrated online at outlines the types of sports women are offered. 

There are currently fourteen teams in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA.)  Women are also involved in Pro Golf Association PGA.)  Some other sports are Tennis, many water sports such as Swimming , gymnastics, the list goes on. 

The difference between the women’s sports and male sporting leagues is the salary of coaches, and the athletes.  If we look take a look back at we can see the comparisons.  Some quick comparisons are the Average Division 1 Head Coaches' Salaries:  At this time I would like to ask the volunteers to read their salaries aloud.  Some say and have proven that men's sports bring in more money, and this is the reason for the difference.



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